How to Decide Which Cannabis Strains to Try

Entering the world of cannabis? Welcome! Already a part of it, but looking to try something new? You’re also in the right place! Wheelhouse is Ventura’s number one dispensary, and part of that is because of our endless knowledge of cannabis and its many varieties. Learn more about the different strains of cannabis, and how you can decide which strains you should try.


Different Strains of Cannabis: What Do They Mean?

There are many different types of cannabis strains, and most of the smokers you’ll meet have a favorite or two that they rely most on. Strains of cannabis are usually differentiated in two ways. One way strains are differentiated is by their genetic, and therefore chemical, makeup. There are pure sativa and pure indica strains. Strains may also be hybrids that are indica or sativa-dominant. Strains don’t always show the whole story, but they’re a great way to get a feel for what effects you may encounter and how that specific batch of cannabis will make you feel.


Ask a Friend

There’s nothing more helpful than the first-hand anecdotes of someone else who has smoked. There’s a high likelihood that one of your friends or acquaintances has some experience with cannabis. Ask them for some help choosing a favorite strain of their’s, or for picking out one they think would be best for you. Asking a friend is especially helpful because they know you best, and they’ll be able to help you choose a strain best suited to your individual needs.


Do Your Research

One way to find the cannabis strain for you is through thorough research. This blog is just the beginning of the many online resources available for smokers new and old. There are many weed resources that list out the history of various strains, what hybrids are crossed with, growing methods of particular brands, and more. Better yet, some libraries of strains have many anecdotal reviews with adjectives that best describe the high and its experience.


Decide What Effects You Want

Everyone uses weed for different reasons. Some strains are energizing, uplifting, and invoke creativity. Others are sedative — perfect for winding down before bed. Some strains even have more specific uses. For instance, strains high in CBD are ideal for those experiencing pain or enduring the side effects of chronic illnesses or their treatments, or anyone looking to experience the health benefits associated with cannabis. Once you’ve done your research and found out what effects each strain has, you’ll be able to compare that information with your list of uses for cannabis and ultimately make an informed decision by combining the two!


Ask the Helpful Budtenders at Wheelhouse

Wheelhouse knows that entering the world of cannabis can come with a lot of questions! That’s why our knowledgeable and friendly budtenders are always here to help when it comes to finding the right strain for you. From sativas to indicas and everything in between, the information you need to make the correct decision is here. Moreover, Wheelhouse’s huge selection with plenty of variety ascertains that whatever it is you decide upon, you’ll find it in our store or by shopping online! See all the wonderful products we have to offer by shopping online now or visit us in store to peruse our collection of flower strains.


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