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June 19th – Juneteenth with Viola
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June 21st – Flav
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June 22nd – Green Revolution
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Pride Month Awareness with Madame Munchie
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Oxnard Shores

This small subset of Oxnard is everything Wheelhouse works to embody: beachy, casual, laidback, and fun. Sure, we’re the biggest dispensary around, but we’ve got local vibes. If you’re in Oxnard Shores and haven’t been to Wheelhouse yet, it’s time to come and visit us!

Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery in Oxnard Shores

Oxnard Shores is a small neighborhood within the greater geographical region of Oxnard. Oxnard Shores fulfills its namesake, and sits on the shore that lines the city. It’s bordered by Hollywood, Oxnard Dunes, and the Channel Islands.The town is set back from any major highways, and a few main streets must be crossed in order to get back to the Pacific Coast Highway. Oxnard Shores has a small population within its borders, but the population density is quite high due to its prime location. It’s clear that this beach town is a popular place to live! Oxnard Shores is known for its good vibes, which is why it’s one of our favorite areas to serve.

Cannabis Deals

Wheelhouse is premium cannabis made local, but our high-quality doesn’t equate to high prices. We offer frequent deals on a wide range of products, so you can try something new every time you stop by. We also have discounts for students, seniors, veterans, new members, and referrals

Cannabis Products

Variety and quality: what more could you ask for? Wheelhouse offers a great selection of cannabis options. No matter which is your favorite, you’ll always be getting premium products, guaranteed.

Come Say Hello

Wheelhouse is welcoming, and we love having visitors. We’re the largest dispensary in the county, but also consider ourselves one of the friendliest. Swing by, say hello, and get to meet our budtenders in-store.

Why We Love Oxnard Shores

There’s no feeling better than looking out over the Pacific, and these coastal views are why Wheelhouse is so stoked on Oxnard Shores. Over 20 miles of beach line the city of Oxnard, and they’re known for being especially scenic and uncrowded. Portions of the beach are notable for surfing, and locals certainly take advantage of it. Residents love the area for its relaxing vibes, and you can catch people meditating. Wheelhouse has encompassed all the same qualities as Oxnard Shores. Our dispensary was created with homey, casual, and coastal vibes in mind. Why do we love Oxnard Shores? Because we’re just like them.

Did you know that Oxnard Shores has two Naval bases?

Oxnard, specifically along its shores, is home to not one, but two large Naval bases. The Navy also has an operating facility at San Nicolas Island. Most notably at these locations are Pacific Seabees and West Coast E-2C Hawkeyes. Oxnard Shores and surrounding areas were chosen by the government branch of the Navy due to the prime location. The beaches around here are significantly less crowded than elsewhere along the Southern California coast. Facilities here are considered key elements in DoD infrastructure because of where they are located.
Across the three facilities are 80 tenant commands that oversee more than 19,000 personnel on their bases. These unique bases have diversely skilled tenant commands that apply to both Fleet and Fighter roles. These roles allow them to work at many nearby warfare centers, including Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division and Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center.
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