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Port Hueneme

Port Hueneme is one of our favorite cities in Ventura County, though it may be because our dispensary is located here! Residents of Port Hueneme are regulars at Wheelhouse, and we absolutely love serving this friendly bunch. In Port Hueneme but haven’t been to Wheelhouse? Come visit us!

Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery in Port Hueneme

Wheelhouse’s dispensary strives to be a friendly, welcoming, and inviting place. When it comes to providing relaxation that goes above and beyond average, Wheelhouse couldn’t imagine a better place to do it in other than Port Hueneme. This shorefront neighborhood is known for surfing, chilling, and year-round good vibes — and that’s why we adore it. The Hueneme Beach Park is beautiful, and Port Hueneme’s population of approximately 25,000 enjoys small bites and eateries like the Hueneme Wharf Plaza. Port Hueneme is set apart from surrounding areas by its lack of major freeways, keeping the area serene and peaceful. Looking to enhance your California experience in Port Hueneme? It’s time to stop by Wheelhouse.

Cannabis Deals

Wheelhouse is premium cannabis made local, but our high-quality doesn’t equate to high prices. We offer frequent deals on a wide range of products, so you can try something new every time you stop by. We also have discounts for students, seniors, veterans, new members, and referrals

Cannabis Products

Variety and quality: what more could you ask for? Wheelhouse offers a great selection of cannabis options. No matter which is your favorite, you’ll always be getting premium products, guaranteed.

Come Say Hello

Wheelhouse is welcoming, and we love having visitors. We’re the largest dispensary in the county, but also consider ourselves one of the friendliest. Swing by, say hello, and get to meet our budtenders in-store.

Why We Love Port Hueneme

We’ll admit it: we at Wheelhouse love Port Hueneme. One reason is because the vibes of the city are, put simply, good. Everyone here is laidback, beachy, and nonchalant. The residents match all the characteristics that Wheelhouse is dedicated to creating. Additionally, a big factor in Wheelhouse’s love for Port Hueneme stems from its involvement in the popularization of cannabis. Following California’s state legalization of marijuana, Port Hueneme developed a model sales program. They were the only city in Ventura County to allow multiple types of marijuana businesses. These areas included cultivation, manufacturing, and retail sales. Of course, at the end of the day, Wheelhouse’s favorite part of Port Hueneme is the awesome people that live here.

Did you know that Port Hueneme’s harbor was for farming?

Port Hueneme has its expansive harbor. Most ports like this are built for wartime use, but Port Hueneme’s harbor has a more interesting origin story. In conjunction with the surrounding city of Oxnard, Port Hueneme has grown a number of agricultural crops. Lima beans, sugar beets, lemons, oranges, and walnuts have all grown in Oxnard at some point or another. A particularly stubborn type of farmer emerged from this area as crops blossomed, and farmers became frustrated with the cost of water supplied by trucks and railroads.
In 1867, Thomas Bard had discovered that there was an underwater canyon beneath the nearby ocean. Using this information, a new underground river was constructed from the canyon to crops, with the channel being deep enough to avoid containing silt. It wasn’t long before the vision of a port emerged, and a wharf was constructed. By the early 1930s, Port Hueneme had become a less prominent name in the agriculture space, but had grown as a commercial port.
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