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27.22% THC
Genetics (Blue Dream x Dream Star)
Double Trouble is a potent sativa that offers a bright boost of euphoria and cerebral activity. Blue Dream and Dream Star create this hazy and uplifting chemovar that’s nothing short of a walking dream. The jade nugs are delicately draped in trichomes that shine in the light with fiery orange pistils poking through the perfectly manicured buds. From the moment you open the jar, you’re smacked with a refreshing blast of pinene and skunk notes on the tail-end. Given the pungent aroma, the flavor comes as a pleasant surprise. Sweetness is at the forefront of every hit, with hints of fruit and a robust finish. Double Trouble is a complex chemovar that offers mental activity and energy, without risking overstimulation. This strain promotes calmness and euphoria while creating a dream-like effect that’s perfect for social hangouts and unwinding after a long day.

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