What Are Cannabis Terpenes and What Do They Do?

You know that first smell that hits your nose as you open a new jar of flower? That aroma isn’t just the cannabis; it’s the terpenes! While many cannabis consumers know about cannabinoids, like CBD and THC, terpenes and other miscellaneous cannabis compounds aren’t quite common knowledge. Today, we’ll be learning about cannabis terpenes and their role in cannabis consumption and quality.


What Are Terpenes?


Terpenes are the aromatic oils produced by a cannabis plant during growth and maturation. They’re secreted by glands in the plant and were originally used to attract pollinating animals and discourage predators looking to take a bite. These glands are the same ones that produce CBD and THC, in fact!


Cannabis has over 100 different terpenes, and terpene composition is often what helps budtenders distinguish different flower strains. When you see flower strains with names that include blueberry, lemon, pineapple, or similar, those were all likely chosen based on the aromas produced by that strain’s terpenes.


The effects of terpenes don’t just end at smell though. Terpenes have different effects on your body; after all, they are still chemicals secreted by the plant-like cannabinoids! Some terpenes make you feel more relaxed and sedated, while some encourage alertness and creativity. Some terpenes even have helpful medicinal properties.


Are Terpenes Specific to Cannabis?


Nope! Terpenes are not specific to cannabis. Terpenes simply describe a class of compounds secreted by plants. When you stop to smell the roses, that whiff is fueled by terpenes as well! With that said, cannabis often has different terpenes than other plants — but they’re still in the same family.


Do Cannabis-Derived Products Also Have Terpenes?


Cannabis comes in a variety of forms: flower, edibles, concentrates, and more. A big question often asked is if those cannabis-derived products that undergo processing, namely edibles and concentrates, still contain terpenes. The answer is yes, but with an addendum of, it depends. One great example is high-CBD gummies. Some CBD gummies are made to be full-spectrum, others are broad-spectrum. Both still contain CBD, but the portion of additional molecules may vary. Similarly, some concentrates and vape carts are described as pure, which typically means they contain only THC suspended in oil.


Do I Want Terpenes in My Products?


The only person who can answer this question is you. For the most part, terpenes are considered part of the smoking experience. They add to the high and work as part of the “entourage effect” — a smoking effect where cannabinoids’ effects work in synchrony with terpenes and flavonoids for a more complete high. There are, however, some people that prefer cannabis products that undergo extra extraction steps to be purely cannabinoids, and that’s totally fine as well! Generally speaking though, you’ll find terpenes in nearly every cannabis product.


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