What Is the Best Way to Store Weed?

The Best Way to Store Weed: Factors to Consider


Buying weed is one thing, but once you have your flower, how do you store it? It may be tempting to leave it in the same container it came in, but depending on the brand purchased, this isn’t always ideal. Prepackaged flower comes in a lot of containers, most of them being plastic containers or bags. In order to keep your flower in the best smoking conditions for as long as possible, you’ll need to store it properly, often moving it out of its original container. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when storing your flower!




Cannabis is a plant, and is therefore subjected to the same dangers any organic matter would be. To avoid mildew and mold, you’ll want to store your flower in a cool, dark place. Temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees welcome bacteria and excessive heat may result in drying out the terpenes and cannabinoids. Over-drying these essential components can result in hotter smoke that’s harsh to smoke.




Still, on the topic of mold and mildew, cannabis needs to be kept away from sources of humidity. While most of us don’t have the tools to measure humidity, a range between 59% and 63% relative humidity. This level of humidity helps maintain the color, consistency, and flavor, assuming you have a controlled environment to keep it in. If you don’t, just try to keep it somewhere cool and dry!


Light Exposure


One way to ensure the longevity of your cannabis is by keeping it out of direct sunlight. Just like plants grow brown with excessive light, your cannabis can become damaged by the UV rays. Additionally, sitting in sunlight increases the temperature — which we’ve already seen can be harmful. Studies have shown that light is the biggest cause of cannabinoids degrading, so it’s best to keep it stored in a cabinet or somewhere dark.


Air Flow


Cannabis stays most fresh when it’s stored in an air-tight container. Too little air (in a container too small) can affect how fresh it stays by altering the relative humidity. However, too much air can cause degradation of the flower’s essential compounds. You’ll want to minimize oxygen exposure and keep your flower in a jar with an adequate amount of room but no airflow.


Container Type


The best containers to store cannabis in are mason jars, which are glass and airtight. Glass jars have a neutral charge, as opposed to plastics, which have static effects. Plastic containers may attract trichomes from the flower, reducing the potency of your weed.


Separation of Strains


This tip is more a personal decision, but you should keep different strains of flower separate. It’s not for too many scientific reasons, but because mixing up strains can be a real headache. The last thing you want is a sativa high for a sleepless night when you meant to smoke indica, you know?


The Don’ts of Storing Cannabis


There are a few other tips for storing your weed. Don’t store it in the fridge, freezer, or near any appliances or electronics that emit heat. Any of these put cannabis out of its ideal temperature zone. Cold environments especially affect how flower holds humidity, and totally ruins the flavor. Additionally, store your flower alone; keeping your grinder or smoking pipe with it can affect the smell and charge of the flower.


Wheelhouse’s Expertise With Flower


Keep in mind these tips are for flower. There are many cannabis-infused products, such as vape carts and edibles, that have very different requirements for storage. (For instance, we really wouldn’t recommend leaving your refrigeration-necessary cannabis drinks in the cabinet.) For flower with a natural tendency to stay good for a long time, shop our selection of top-tier prepackaged cannabis, prerolls, and other weed products now!


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